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Computing Corner: Software Used

Here's what I've used to build this site. I do all the coding by hand, so my software requirements are minimal. Lots of cut 'n paste, plus some careful checking of the coding. Virtually all the software has been picked up for free or no charge.

Last updated: 12/8/05

Arles Image Web Creator 3.3

A useful graphics utility for making thumbnail images. I simply add the main images to the relevant folder, click a button and the thumbnails are created automatically. I use it a lot, especially for the Fox Gallery. It also generated the Patti Smith pages in a flash. Picked up from a magazine.


A great graphics utility. Basic editing, but excellent file format support. I use it to tweak images and to make .ico format icons, such as the little EiP favicon that may be showing in your address bar or bookmarks. Also useful for creating batch images. Highly recommended, and it's free.

Paint Shop Pro 5.0

This used to be my main graphics package. Fairly old and grabbed from a cover disk. It does pretty much everything I want it to, though it is somewhat limited. But it's quick and reasonably effective.

Ulead PhotoImpact 8 SE

This is a heavy duty graphics program that I picked up recently as part of my web-hosting package. I've scarcely touched the surface of it, but it has some great effects and I've used it for the Every Screen is Permuted images on the Computing Corner pages. I'm now getting to grips with more of its features. An excellent package, with some fine lighting and editing tools. Pretty much all I use now.

Epson Smart Panel

This is the control panel utility that came with my Epson Perfection 1250 scanner. Slightly clunky, but it gets the job done. The scanner was bundled with my PC.

Pdf995 (and editor)

A free utility that allows you to create (and edit) pdf files. I use this when I need to create a pdf. It's a helluva lot cheaper than Acrobat and does a reasonable job on the rare occasion I need it.


I think I picked this up of a cover disk. Anyway, as well as zipping files, it allows me to create the little executable downloads that are available here.


This is a great little package for creating RSS newsfeeds for the site. I use it regularly now. It ftp's direct to my webspace, allows quick editing of entries, and is free.


The star of the show this one. A neat little Open Source text editor which is context sensitive so that I can spot the code from the text as I create web pages. Mutliple views allows me to cut 'n paste across from a single window. I now use it for everything. Took me a while to find it, but having tried about a dozen different editors I'm hooked.

The image at the top of the page is Notepad++ in action! (with some added PhotoImpact treatments).


A nice free utility that allows changes to be made across multiple files. Perfect for making small changes to menus, headers and other bits of text.

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