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Opera Accessibility

Opera accessibility opera

I've put these pages up to demonstrate one of the major benefits of Opera for users with visual disabilities. The images were captured using a 17" Dell TFT screen with resolution set at 1280 x 1084.

The first picture is taken using Internet Explorer with the font set to 'largest' and all page specific fonts disabled. This gives the largest font size available in IE without the creation of a special style sheet.

The second image is taken from the same web page but using Opera. The font is scaled to 600% via the page resolution drop-down on Opera (max is actually 1000%), and by then clicking Shift-F11 which sets the page to re-render for a small (that is, pocket) device. The impact is startling and renders the page in a significantly more legible way for those with visual disabilities.

Both browsers are maximized. The images were captured using Alt-PrintScreen and are scaled to 60% in Paint Shop Pro.

Internet Explorer image

Opera image

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