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This set-up served me through to Opera 12, but cannot be replicated in Opera 15 (the latest release), so is now posted here as an historical curiosity.

I like to maximize screen space as much as I can, which in Opera ultimately means browsing in full screen mode and using the mouse or keyboard for just about everything. That's not always practical though, so my latest set-up tries to strike a balance between maximization and usability. I'm still using the MeGuiDdo skin, which has now been updated for Opera 8. After playing around with removing the File Menu I still wasn't satisfied. Finally, after several configurations I've settled for browsing in full-screen mode, but with the address bar showing. The easiest way to do this is to grab the Fullscreen + address bar button from the excellent OperaWiki.

The basic set up looks like this:

Fullscreen set-up with address bar

This is a high quality version.

On the left of the address bar I've kept the following buttons:
left hand of toolbar
· Wand
· Print
· View Source
· Security
· Images
· User/Author Mode

In the centre I've got the address field, and to the right of that I've added the status field.

On the right of the address bar I've added the following buttons:
right hand of toolbar
· Status Bar on
· Full-screen with address bar (toggle)
· Tile
· Load Proxy
· Bookmark link to web-based bookmarks
· Rewind
· Back
· Forward
· Hide Opera
· Clock

The key to this set-up is the button called Status Bar on. The reason I've added this was because I store lots of bookmarks on my Status Bar (it means they're immediately available), plus various other occasional tools. I didn't want to lose this functionality, which is great for running through sites you visit all the time. I created the button over at the Custom Button Maker. The command you need is 'Enable Status Bar'. (You'll also need to make 'Disable Status Bar' if you want to try this). The easiest way to explain what this adds, is to show it.

toggling the status bar on and off
So all I need to do to reveal the Status Bar is click the relevant button. And click the equivalent button on the Status Bar to toggle it off.

The buttons on the Status Bar are as follows:
status bar
· various bookmarks are on the left-hand side
· the gap is where the status field is (it displays the bookmark or button action when you hover over them)

The business end is over on the right:
· Turn Status Bar off
· Full-screen with address bar (toggle)
· Open in IE
· Open in Firefox
· Zoom
· Total (page size)
· pop-up notifier/trash can
· Clean Up (delete private data)
· UA (opens the ua.ini file to add site-specific spoofing)
· Hide Opera

Previous Configurations. Look here if you want to see some earlier configurations.

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