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Previous set-ups opera

This is my previous set-up, created September 2004. That's when I re-skinned with the amazing MeGuiDdo skin, which is just incredibly smooth. It's so nice, I even allowed the menu bar to show. In addition, I added some extra buttons on the bottom right. The address bar has the fast-forward and backward buttons (great for zapping thorugh google lists), a 'tile' view button, 'open in IE'. On the status bar, I've added a privacy button.

my set up

This is a better screen-shot.

The status bar holds my most used bookmarks, a google search box, download speed box, and a privacy button. The address bar has the following controls on the left: Wand, Print, View Source, Security, Images.

my set up
On the far right I've included: 'tile', 'switch to IE', go-back, fast-return and fast-forward buttons.
my set up

One of the great things about Opera is that you can 'tile' the pages, so that you can display several things at once. This means that when I'm listening to Chelsea matches, I can log-in to the chatroom, and keep three other windows open to catch the latest scores. Each window is set to reload at varying delays, so I don't miss anything. Click the thumbnail to see what I mean:

tiled screen

This is my previous set-up. I have minimized the number of buttons showing and navigate entirely via mouse gestures. The white buttons on the status bar are my most visited bookmarks, which means I make little use of the menu bar for accessing these. I tend to hide the menu bar (ctrl+F11) most of the time.

Logging on to password-protected sites is now down to two clicks: first on the bookmark, and then on the Wand (ok, plus a double-click to select the stored user name).

I access Notes and (my other) Bookmarks via the Panel (by using F4). The Panel is set to appear on the right of the screen (not shown).

The display is taken from a maximized browser on a 17" Dell TFT screen set at 1280 x 1024 resolution.


toolbar close-up

Above: The skin is Atlantek, with some personal tweaks. There is a Page Bar at the top. The address bar is at the bottom of the page as this makes access to the Wand and other buttons faster (I click between the bookmarks on the status bar and the Wand just above them). The Progress Bar is set to load inside the Address Bar. The Status Bar icons at the bottom of the screen are taken from The Blue Button skin. The main skin is set to 70% magnification.

Close Up: The buttons showing on the address bar are (left-right): Wand, Print, Page Source, Security, Images.

original set-up

This is my original set-up which made significant use of the Main Bar (before I learnt all about mouse gestures).

One more tweak is that I run a filter.ini file which allows me to block adverts when I'm browsing. I keep a shortcut to it on my Office side-bar for quick access when I want to add something to block.

The current version of Opera is 7.53 (downloaded 19/7/04). The following image is the default Opera setup and shows: Menu Bar, Personal Bar, Page Bar, Address Bar. The Panel is on the left.

Default set-up

Current set-up

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