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Sites to Visit:

This is really just a check list of places I go. The forums are great for monitoring technology updates and sorting out problems. I post occasionally, and read a lot. You get to know who you can trust fairly quickly. A good deal of the development of this site has been culled from advice on newsgroups and forums. I've also included some web-sites that I check in on fairly frequently.

So far I've listed just a couple of newsgroups. The best way of accessing them is via your news-reader client (you can do this from Outlook Express, but I use Agent). The address for the Opera newsgroups is the name of their server. I also subscribe to various newsgroups offered by my ISP, but haven't listed them as they are not publicly available.

For non-technology links check out the Process Philosophy, Temple Press or general Links pages.

I make no claims that anything listed here is definitive, or even the best place for some of the information I've found. If you want to send me any of your own links, tips or useful websites, feel free. I'll try and include them and give you a credit.

Last updated: 28/7/04

Category Name Rating Location
Technology ForumMy Opera Forums
Excellent range of forums here covering everything you can think of about using Opera. I tend to stick to the General Discussion, Customizing and 'Open the Web' forums. The last of these covers issues of poor web-site design and browser sniffing - the main reason Opera won't load on some sites. Very friendly and helpful.

The forum gets pretty busy at times and can occasionally be slightly slow to load.

Technology ForumMozillaZine firefox
MozillaZine covers the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client, plus various other Mozilla-related areas. The forums get very heavy use and occasionally report a 'not available' page. Very friendly and helpful. Allows anonymous posting.

Technology ForumFilezilla filezilla
Useful help for setting up Filezilla (ftp program) and keeping up to speed with developments. Also has a 'developer' section for those interested in the underlying programming.
Technology ForumADSLguide bbs.adslguide.org.uk/
Came across this forum recently as I started to investigate broadband (July 2004). Lots of useful information, and the forums are split into good sections covering 'newbies' and experts. They also have ISP-specific sections. Essential if you are about to go broadband, want to set up a network or are checking out which ISP to use. Allows anonymous postings.
WeblogF-Secure F-Secure
Odd one this. Simply the blog used by the lab team at anti-virus specialists F-Secure. It's very fast at putting up new virus info, even while they are still figuring out what's going on.

Web SiteThe Register www.theregister.co.uk
I visit pretty much daily. The Register is an on-line newspaper dedicated to technology matters. Informed but irreverent. If you visit, do check out the regular feature under the heading BOFH (Back Office From Hell) and see what really goes on behind the scenes in your workplace computer support unit.
Technology NewsgroupPegasus Mail comp.mail.pegasus-mail.ms-windows
Newsgroup devoted to the Pegasus e-mail program. Informative and helpful. Has helped me on more than one occasion to get the best out of the software. Available on various news servers.

Technology NewsgroupOpera
Available from Opera's dedicated news server. There are about 40 groups on the server (many in non-English languages). I subscribe to about half a dozen, of which the most active/useful is opera.general, though I frequented the beta group a good deal in the run up to the latest release. I also regularly save info culled from the customize.general group.
Open Source software siteSourceForge SourceForge.net
A veritable treasure trove. SourceForge is home to a vast range of Open Source software projects. Check out the site for an incredible range of free-to-use software developed by enthusiasts. I picked up Filezilla and Notepad++ from here. Takes a while to get used to how to search the site, and it is important to read about the software before you download. You can pick up just about anything here from fully developed programs to new developments pushing at the edge of technology. And it's all legal.

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